Wines from a blend of different vineyards of the estate Casa Los Frailes. Fresh, fluid, straight wines expressing the personality of our Meditteranean Monastrell.

Blanc de Trilogía
La danza de la Moma

La danza de la Moma

The pure expression of the dolomitas soil in the grape variety Marselan

Wine description
An excepcional Marselan (hybrid between Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnacha) planted at the foothills of the Dolomite mountain in 2003 force us to create this wine. This incredible Marselan is a combination of concentration, structure and roundness together with a surprise high acidity and freshness. This Mediterranean generosity is balanced with the elegance and long expressiveness of a Monastrell of 65 years old of unique personality.

Marselan. Single vineyard “Dolomitas”. 700 meters sea level. Limestone soil with plenty of pebbles. Soils located at the foothills of the Dolomite mountain, rich in magnesium (precisely, because of the Dolomite erosion) and very close to the mother rock, the calcareous “tap”. The minerality, the freshness, and finess is due to these soils, where the roots are very closed to the mother rock and very stony surface due to the erosion of the mountain. Vineyard planted in 2003.

Monastrell. Single vineyard “Ribazal” 650 meters sea level.White limestone and sandy soils (white rendzina) on top of a plinth of lacustrine limestone. Extremely limestone soils, with little iron but with silica good levels, which reduces the limestone activity so vineyard roots can dig deep. Even in very dry years, vineyards stand still and the cycle of the vine is not stress. These soils bring freshness and minerality. Bush vines planted in 1968.

The harvest was manual and by small boxes. Each variety was vinified separately. After a careful selection of the grapes, a cold maceration pre-fermentation started at 2ºC to extract more the aromas, the must was fermenting in inox deposits at controlled temperature of 26ºC . Post fermentative maceration took 23 days for Marselán and 25 days for Monastrell working with the lees and soft battonages. Marselan is aged in new French oak and 1st and 2nd year oak barrels of 225L for 15 months. Monastrell is aged in 500L oak barrels for 15 months

Vintage 2012
Winter 2012 saw some intermittent frosts, obviously very low temperatures and also high rainfalls (350 mm).
As opposite, sprint and summer time were hot and dry. Such high temperatures and short rainfall made Marselan vines to suffer as Marselan is not such resilience to drought at Monastrell variety. In fact, we had to get into the fields with water tanks and irrigate Marselan vines to release water stress from the plant during the month of August. This climatology conditions advanced Marselan harvesting time and we hand-picked on the first week of September. As expected, yields were rather low (3.000 kgs/Ha), pH astonishing low and grape concentration very high.

The Monastrell variety is very fit to our terroir as we have bush vines of 82 years old and plants did not suffer water stress, auto-regulating themselves. Production yields were slightly lower than in previous years. Harvest time for Monastrell was also advanced to third week of September, being picking time under dry and sunny conditions, very suitable for Monastrell harvest as this variety is very sensitive to pourriture.

Technical information
80% Marselan, 20% Monastrell
Yield Marselan: 3,000 kg/ha
Yield Monastrell: 2.000 kg/ha

Organic certificate
Dry, organic and biodynamic agriculture

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