When you wake up in the morning,
think about the privilege of living:
breathe, think, enjoy,love

Marco Aurelio, Roman emperor (II century)

Respect to our values

Listening to our past and playing close attention to the mother Nature

At Casa Los Frailes we believe that wines shall express a soil, a climatology, a history and roots. We are aware of enjoying a privileged environment and therefore we are committed to search for the authenticity of such environment, as a living thing on its own, not belonging to any of us. Our roots, listening to our past and to mother nature allow us to elaborate sincere and pure wines.

Estate: Casa Los Frailes

162 ha estate with vineyards, olive and almond trees, and Mediterranean forest

A family own estate of 162 hectare with vineyards, Mediterranean forest, almond and olive trees with a unique terroir: altitude at 650-700 meters over sea level, dry agriculture, soil extremely calcareous, a Mediterranean climatology influenced by continental, and vines of 40-years-old average of our native grape, the Monastrell.

Committed with Nature

Frontrunners on organic agriculture and biodynamics

Casa Los Frailes was certified organic in 2000, being one of the very first ones in Spain. 15 years later, we are convinced that we do not only need to respect and sustain the land, but also transform it and make it a livelihood. As a result, we embrace biodynamic agriculture as an inspiration pattern and model.

Inheriting an historic estate

Legacy of Jesuit Friars from the XVII century

Casa Los Frailes (“Cals Frares” in old valencian local language) takes the name as the Jesuit Friars used to live in the Estate during two centuries (XVII to XVIII). Since then, about 250 years ago, Casa Los Frailes estate belongs to our family Velázquez, being today the 13th generation.
As inheritors of such legacy, we believe our wines should be part and transmit the history of our estate, as this history is obviously unique. In today inter-connected world, wines are more and more uniform, but we are committed to elaborate authentic and different wines, loyal to our personality and our history.

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