“Good listening is the quickest way to wisdom”

Juan Luis Vives, Spanish Renaissance Humanist (XV century)

Historic Legacy

Inheriting an Estate

Casa Los Frailes is named after the Jesuit Friar Order which used to lived in the house from the XVI to XVIII century. They elaborated wine using traditional methods in large clay amphoras and concrete tanks.

First vineyards were planted by Christians circa the XIII century, after the Moors were expelled from the Spanish Peninsula. The landscape is so beautiful that in the XII century, Christian King Jaume I The Conquer, when passing through after releasing the city of Valencia, established the area as “Royal Domain”. Later on, during XVI century most properties in the region were donated to the Jesuit Friar Order, controlling up to 80% of estates.

It is a region with long and well documented human settlements. The Iberian settlement dated IV BC century is outstanding. Via Augusta Roman Road, the longest at the time from Rome to Hispania, passes onto Casa Los Frailes.

In 1767, King Charles III of Spain, after the Esquilache Riots, expelled the Jesuit Order and confiscated all their properties and wealth. Four years later, in 1771, one of our ancestors purchased the estate in public auction.

Velázquez Family

13th Generation

Since more than 240 years ago, Casa Los Frailes Estate belongs to our family Velazquez, being today the 13th generation.

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