Wines from a blend of different vineyards of the estate Casa Los Frailes. Fresh, fluid, straight wines expressing the personality of our Meditteranean Monastrell.

Los Frailes
Los Frailes
Los Frailes
Los Frailes
Rosado Monastrell

Los Frailes Monastrell

A vin de plaisir from a Meditteranean Monastrell

Wine description
100% Monastrell elaborated as the friars did centuries ago, in concrete vats. It is an estate wine coming from a blend of different vineyards from Casa Los Frailes, with an average age of 25 years old in dry agriculture. It is a complete “vin de Plaisir”, fresh, fluid, juicy with the straight character of our Monastrell, Served at a temperature of 14-15ºC, it is an excellent thirst-quenching and outdoor wine.

This wine is a blend of different vineyards from the estate Casa Los Frailes at 650 meters altitude. Soils are alluvial origin, deep, sandy and covered by reddish-yellow limestone. As these soils are the richest in the estate, these soils are keeping the natural green cover for the sheep and attracting birds and insects. The freshness, an optima acidity and delicate aromas coming from these soils, are present in all the wines from the estate. The vineyards, planted in several plots, aged from 1987, 1988, 1991 and 1992 being the average 25-year-old.

The harvest is manual as the Monastrell is planted in bush vines. The maceration process is over the lees with soft battonages. Malolactic fermentation as well as the ageing is done in ancient concrete vats used by the Friars centuries ago. These concrete vats are ideal due to the porosity of the walls, allowing microxigenation for a reductive grape as the Monastrell. Aged for 6 months in old cement vats.

Vintage 2017
It was the rainiest winter since 2013, 520 litres until March. The vines grew very vigorously and with strength. In March, there were few days of frost but only impacted the white grape varieties located in the deep of the valley.
A very dry spring and summer together with the strength of the vines, forced us to make a very severe green pruning. This allows the vines to get enough forces for the whole maturation process. Due to the lack of water, no treatment was done.
The hottest June of our history together with the draught derived in a very short and early harvest. Finally, in August it rained and the Monastrell could profit providing some water reserves for the maturation process during September at lower temperatures. The harvest started on the 22nd September and finished 2th October.

Technical information
100% Monastrell
Yield: 4,500 kg/hec

Organic certificate
Dry, organic and biodynamic agriculture

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