Wines from a blend of different vineyards of the estate Casa Los Frailes. Fresh, fluid, straight wines expressing the personality of our Meditteranean Monastrell.

Los Frailes
Los Frailes
Los Frailes
Los Frailes
Rosado Monastrell

Los Frailes Monastrell Garnacha

Two indigenous grapes, Monastrell & Garnacha, creating a unique Mediterranean wine

Wine description
Two indigenous grapes with very different profile, are complementing each other to provide a very balance wine, pure expression of our Mediterranean character. Monastrell is straight, fluid and long lasting, on the other side Garnacha variety is round, volume and sweet. The ageing of both grapes provides a great integration and complexity.

The Monastrell is a blend of different vineyards from the estate Casa Los Frailes at 650 meters altitude. Soils sandy and red and yellow limestone. Very calcareous soils but very rich in iron and magnesium allowing good ripening of grapes keeping also good acidity levels. The vineyards, planted in several plots, aged from 1987, 1988, 1991 and 1992 being the average 25 year old in dry agriculture.
The Garnacha tintorera is coming from vineyards at 680 meters over sea-level. It is ruby colour- limestone soil located in the slope of the mountain highly sensitive to erosion. Soils very rich in iron, thus oxidation changes the limestone colour into a ruby-colour: this effect is known as rubification. These soils are deeper and more porous than the dolomites ones, thus allowing larger storage of water. This is essential for a grape variety as Garnacha tintorera no so resistant to draught, as the Monastrell. Aged of the vineyards 10 years old in dry agriculture.

The harvest was manual. Each variety was vinified separately. After destermming and soft treading, the must was fermenting in inox deposits at controlled temperature. Post fermentative maceration took 14 days for Garnacha and 18 days for Monastrell. Monastrell was aged in concrete vats during 8 months and the Garnacha Tintorera in oak barrels of 225L for 8 months.

Vintage 2016
It was a very dry winter, only 50mm of rainfall. However, it was in Spring when very precise and well distributed rains came. Thanks to these rains, the vineyard grew very strong and vigorous, forcing an extreme green pruning to reserve some forces for the end of the cycle.The summer was very dry, however no heat wave impacted us being the average temperatures lower than usual, 24ºC. The draught went on during the months of June and July allowing us only to treat with sulphur and copper once.
We were afraid that it would be an extreme dry summer, but finally it rained in August. These rains refreshed the vineyards and allowed the monastrell renew forces to finish the maturation process during the month of September at fresher and lower temperatures. The harvest started from the 3rd October to the 12th October.

Technical information
60% Monastrell, 40% Garnacha Tintorera
Yield Monastrell: 4,500 kg/hec.
Yield Garnacha Tintorera: 6.500 kg/hec

Organic certificate
Dry, organic and biodynamic agriculture

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