Monastrell Variety

Monastrell, Murviedro, Mataró... so many names for only one meaning: a variety born in the Camp de Morvedre region in Valencia and exported to France (Mouvedre). Even, nowadays you can find it in Australia and US (Mataro).
The Monastrell origin is coming from the Latin roots Monastriellu which means Monastery People as they were the real diffusers of the Monastrell around the World. Wouldn’t be the Friars? We couldn’t betray them and Bodegas Los Frailes has to bet for them.

In the past has been told about the Monastrell variety that it was not an interesting whether the Cabernet Sauvignon seemed the unique good variety in the World. However it can be very easy to defend it. The Monastrell is very adaptable to soil very poor and is able to produce excellent quality even in the worst climatology conditions (long dry periods). Its unique character and personality is expressed at maximum in this extreme climatology if it is accompanied by the breezes from the Mediterranean Sea. The proximity to the Mediterranean Sea gives the fresh air and acidity required to balance and round perfectly the Monastrell variety. These ideal conditions are unique of our valley, Els Alforins.

It is a late harvesting variety. Depending on the ripen period of the harvesting, the monastrel grape can be result in a young wine with very soft and sweet tanning and very aromatic or an aged wine very complex, very rich in aromas, aging perfectly in oak barrels. In addition, the late harvesting makes this variety perfect to provide a sweet wine of top quality

In conclusion, the Monastrell variety is an autochthonous grape of Mediterranean character which provides to the wine a unique personality.

Monastrell Variety